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Sunday, 15 August 2010 21:41


Horizontal Fan drive kit for 917,935 or 962 type Porsche engine.

We have developed the horizontal fan for our 917 project. It is a complete bolt on kit that will fit onto any Porsche air cooled engine. The kit includes bevel gear drive main shafts, bearings, poly-v belt and pulley’s, billet gear box housings, anti-backlash coupling, fan and shroud in carbon, Kevlar or Fibre glass. It also includes the fiberglass engine deck lid with look-a-like air filter boxes on each side. The kit is manufactured to the highest of standards using the latest in composites technology. So we are confident to use it, to cool our high performance and high valued Porsche engines of anything to about 600hp twin turbo’s. Keeping in mind that the fan revs up to speeds of 10500 rpm on the race track. Kit ideal for recreation models such as 935 imsa, 917 and even early version 962 engines. Note that this is not a look alike fan. It is an actual working part, that is responsible for the air cooling on the Porsche engine. Note that the kit does not include an alternator. As many variations of this are able to be used.
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