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Bailey Cars customers are now racing in Europe, Australia and North America

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Tuesday, 06 October 2009 13:23

Bailey for the Street

Bailey has had equal success with building sports cars for the race track as well as for the road. Although it is easy to prove it success on the track with lap times and race records, to prove a road car on paper is a lot more difficult. We prefer to let the cars speak for themselves.


 Larry Leslie's gt40 in California U.S.A

Technically it is possible to register any of the Bailey Cars range for use on public roads but so far we have only registered gt40’s. The reason for this is that they have the largest cockpit area of any of the cars in our range and that they are also able to fitted with air conditioning. Whether built for road or track use, our GT40 clients have found it difficult to resist the temptation of trying out the race track in order to experience the cars' full capabilities. We are still keen to build a road going 917 or Lola perhaps, for the real enthusiast.

Bailey on Circuit

Bailey has built many of its cars for track day and competition use. We have excelled against some of the strongest competition available on the sports car market today.

This has been a product of many years of sports car racing and building. We do all of our own in house design and manufacturing. We race our own 2 'Factory Works' cars and we do our own set up, testing and racing. We test all new component designs on our own cars before placing them on customer cars. Sure it is fun, but it also allows us to fully understand the workings of our products. The end result is a small company of specialists who really know their products and produce high quality, safe as possible, reliable and race winning sports cars.


P4 Replica @ Kyalami R.S.A

 Mike P4 @ zwartkops R.S.A

Bailey's are supplied with complete race set up and we test every car before delivery. We also offer race support if required as well as servicing of customers' cars.


 Bailey 917 and GT40

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