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Bailey Cars customers are now racing in Europe, Australia and North America

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Monday, 05 March 2012 22:54

Bailey Cars North America Dealership in New York USA

Ron Gallo


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To see more pictures of Bailey Cars North America please click here.

Below is the Bailey Cars North America Dealer Ron Gallo (right) and his wife Patty

who live in New York. Pictured with them in the centre is famous race driver

Brian Redmond (no affiliation to Bailey Cars).


Ron Gallo


Bailey Cars North America has partnered up with Jo Katic who does the

commissioning, engine installations and tuning of Bailey Cars in USA.

Jo (right) with Ron (left) and a green Bailey P4.

ron and Jo

Bailey Cars North America has also partnered up with legendary race driver and

engine builder Ted Wenz who builds the engines for Bailey Cars in USA.

Here he assembles a P4 Ferrari V12 Motor.


Ted Wenz

Bailey Cars North America actively exhibits and markets its products at various

motor sport events across the US. Below is a track day at the private race club,

Monticello motor club just outside of New York.

monticello bailey 917



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