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The BAILEY GT1 is now available in full race or possibly even road form!

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Saturday, 03 March 2012 19:54

Why buy a Bailey?

What you think is a difficult choice becomes simple when you look at the facts.

Bailey Cars purpose has been to build famous recreation cars that have all at one stage or another competed at the famous Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race in France.  The original cars have been based on famous marques that are all household names. These original cars were designed and built over 40 years ago. Engineering has come a long way in 40 years, and so why not take advantage of that. There are many books which detail the flaws and issues with the original cars in one way or another. These were in terms of safety, reliability or even ergonomics. These flaws were mostly caused by either restrictions in terms of the rules the cars had to race under such as homologation or compromise in that the original cars were designed for pure performance and “win at any cost” type construction and Engineering.

So some 40 years later the original cars are all worth many millions of either Pounds or Dollars and can be and should be found in museums. But now continuation cars (replicas) are also available, why buy a car that is exactly like an original if we know it has flaws. We are pretty sure that you as the private owner of such as car isn’t interested in rebuilding your wheel bearings after each race or even replacing your aluminium tubed chassis after each race either!

So our Philosophy at Bailey Cars has been to build cars that are true to the originals, but have improvements where we know they need them, pure performance is not everything, reliability and safety is our concern. Enjoying your car is about driving, racing and showing off your pride and joy, not having it in pieces. The Bailey Car range is built for the genuine enthusiast, collector and for the real racing driver at the same time. And that is what places us several seconds a lap ahead of the competition!