Bailey T70 Spyder

The Spyder project was borne as a one off for a special customer of Bailey Cars. We are now able to offer customers this unique car in a limited number only. The Bailey T70 Spyder is based on the brilliant Bailey version 2 GT40. Although It is 100kg’s lighter at 950kgs and so should give all the other Bailey Models a hard time on the racetrack. 

T70 Spyder



  • Laser cut carbon steel space frame chassis (which has a torsional stiffness of 14500Nm/deg).
  • Laser cut aluminium panels which are then bonded and riveted to the chassis.
  • Complete welded in roll cage as standard on all models with removable side bars on road car.
  • Increased cockpit space for driver comfort and safety.



  • The front suspension layout is a fully independent double wishbone type.
  • The rear is an independent double trailing arm with transverse top link and lower wishbone.
  • Shock absorbing comes from coil over type with H&R springs.
  • With either A.V.O or optional Penske Dampers.
  • Different spring and damper set ups available to suit either road or track usage.
  • Billet aluminium 7075 uprights with easy bearing change and quick set up adjustments.
  • Aurora rod ends fitted as standard.
  • 2.4 turns lock to lock steering ratio.


Braking System

  • Brakes are 4 pot AP Racing calipers.
  • Twin A.P racing master cylinders with brake bias bar as standard.
  • Race car has dash mounted brake bias adjusting knob.
  • Choice of either 295mm discs for road and track day.
  • 330mm discs with brake cooling for full spec race versions.
  • Brake pad compounds available to suit various types of car usage.
  • Brake cooling ducts fitted standard on any track spec car.


Wheels & Tyres

  • Road wheels are 15, or 17-inch Halibrand with 8-inch-wide front and 10-inch-wide rears.
  • Mickey Thompson, BF Goodridge or Good Year Blue streak tyres available in 15 inch in RSA.
  • Many more 17-inch Brands available.
  • 16-inch 3-piece BRM centre and Real “outers” to suit a range of slick tyres depending on which series the car will be used in.



  • The original style body comprises six moulded GRP sections.
  • GRP body work in polyester as standard or epoxy as option.
  • We make all Bodies per order custom light weight for racing or thicker for better paint finish on a show car.
  • Race car has polycarbonate front windscreen.
  • Rear gurney flap.



  • The interior has original Smith gauges.
  • 13-inch, 3 spoke steering wheel
  • Rake and height adjustable steering column
  • Leather covered dash in either left hand or right-hand drive
  • Sliding floor mounted Bailey Cars pedals
  • Sliding passenger footrest
  • Sliding seats in road car
  • Comfortable race type bucket seat covered in leather and Alcantara with original style silver rivets.
  • Cockpit space for tall drivers up to 6 foot 5 inches tall
  • Air conditioning is available as an option for road or race car
  • Semi carpeted and leather interior on road car as standard
  • Extra heat and sound deadening added to road cars
  • Roll cage padding as standard
  • Gear shifter & Handbrake located in centre of car


Engine & Fuel System

  • Small block Ford 302 cubic inch V8 engine starting at 380hp
  • Race cars can have up to 550hp 346 c.i. Ford motor sport engines fitted
  • Wet or dry sump lubrication available depending on usage and gearbox choice
  • Choice of Holley Carburettor, Webber IDA, IDF or fuel injection.
  • 90 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Rubber bladder type fuel tank with anti surge foam as standard
  • Exhaust silencers fitted to road car
  • Holley fuel pump
  • Oil cooler with braided lines and Aeroquip fitting
  • Aluminium radiator with dual electric fans.


Gearbox & Clutch

  • Road spec cars fitted with 6 speed RHS or Ricardo gearbox
  • track day spec cars have a 6 speed Ricardo gearbox
  • Full race cars with dry sump only have either ZF, QZF, Ricardo or Getrag G50
  • Clutch and flywheel to suit application


Overall Dimensions   

  • Wheel Base                         2425mm
  • Body Height                        1016mm
  • Body Length                        4120mm
  • Body Width                         1850mm
  • Cockpit Width                     1070mm
  • Cockpit Height                    870mm
  • Cockpit Length                   1500mm