Bailey T70

The T70 project was borne as a one off for a special customer of Bailey Cars. After the car was completed many other customers wanted one as well and so we had to start producing them in limited number. The Bailey T70 is based on the Bailey version 2 GT but retains all of the original details to ensure a package that is true to its heritage yet sufficiently updated with over 40 years of engineering improvements since the originals were built.


  • Laser cut carbon steel space frame chassis (which has a torsional stiffness of 18500Nm/deg)
  • Laser cut aluminium panels which are then bonded and riveted to the chassis
  • Complete welded in roll cage as standard on all models with removable side bars on road car
  • Increased cockpit space for driver comfort and safety



  • The front suspension layout is a fully independent double wishbone type.
  • The rear is an independent double trailing arm with transverse top link and lower wishbone.
  • Shock absorbing comes from coil over type with H&R springs.
  • With either A.V.O or optional Penske Dampers.
  • Different spring and damper set ups available to suit either road or track usage.
  • Billet aluminium 7075 uprights with easy bearing change and quick set up adjustments.
  • Aurora rod ends fitted as standard.
  • 2.4 turns lock to lock steering ratio


Braking System

  • Brakes are 4 pot AP Racing calipers.
  • Twin A.P racing master cylinders with brake bias bar as standard.
  • Race car has dash mounted brake bias adjusting knob.
  • Choice of either 295mm discs for road and track day.
  • 330mm discs with brake cooling for full spec race versions.
  • Brake pad compounds available to suit various types of car usage.
  • Brake cooling ducts fitted standard on any track spec car.


Wheels and Tyres

  • Road wheels are 15, or 17-inch Halibrand with 8 inch wide front and 10 inch wide rears.
  • Mickey Thompson, BF Goodridge or Good Year Blue streak tyres available in 15 inch in RSA.
  • Many more 17 inch Brands available.
  • 16-inch 3 piece BRM centre and Real “outers” to suit a range of slick tyres depending on which series the car will be used in.



  • The original style body comprises eight molded GRP sections.
  • GRP body work in polyester as standard or epoxy as standard.
  • We make all Bodies per order custom light weight for racing or thicker for better paint finish on a show car.
  • Front and rear windscreens on road car in Shatterproof SABS approved glass.
  • Race car has poly-carbonate rear windscreen.
  • Side windows in poly-carbonate with hinging flap as on original.
  • Gurney Bubble available as option.
  • Rear gurney flap, exhaust cover plates, single or double front nostril an option.






  • The interior has original Smith gauges.
  • 13-inch, 3 spoke steering wheel.
  • Rake and height adjustable steering column.
  • Leather covered dash in either left hand or right hand drive.
  • Sliding floor mounted BEC pedals.
  • Sliding passenger foot rest.
  • Sliding seats in road car.
  • Comfortable race type bucket seat covered in leather and alcantara with original style silver rivets.
  • Cockpit space for tall drivers up to 6 foot 5 inches tallAir conditioning is available as an option for road or race car.
  • Semi carpeted and leather interior on road car as standard.
  • Extra heat and sound deadening added to road cars.
  • Roll cage padding as standard.
  • Gear shifter & Handbrake located in centre of car.


Engine and fuel system

  • Small block Ford 302 cubic inch V8 engine starting at 380hp.
  • Race cars can have up to 550hp 346 c.i. Ford motor sport engines fitted.
  • Wet or dry sump lubrication available depending on usage and gearbox choice.
  • Choice of Holley Carburettor, Webber IDA, IDF or fuel injection.
  • 90 litre fuel tank capacity.
  • Rubber bladder type fuel tank with anti surge foam as standard.
  • Exhaust silencers fitted to road car.
  • Holley fuel pump.
  • Oil cooler with braided lines and Aeroquip fitting.
  • Aluminium radiator with dual electric fans.


Gearbox and clutch

  • Road spec cars fitted with 6 speed RHS or Ricardo gearbox.
  • Track day spec cars have a 6 speed Ricardo gearbox.
  • Full race cars with dry sump only have either ZF, QZF, Ricardo or Getrag G50.
  • Clutch and flywheel to suit application.


Overall Dimensions 

  • Wheel Base               2425mm
  • Body Height              1016mm
  • Body Length              4120mm
  • Body Width               1850mm
  • Cockpit Width          1070mm
  • Cockpit Height         870mm
  • Cockpit Length        1500mm